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Yard work

For the past 2 years, or however long I’ve lived with Matt, I have HATED our bushes out front.  Now I’m not really a gardener but in the past few months I’ve done pretty well keeping my plants alive, minus the rose bush.  I don’t wanna talk about it.  😉  I had already decided as soon as fall came I was ripping those ugly damn bushes out and putting something else in.


Well yesterday was that day.  Matt and I ran to Lowes and bought a small shovel and some mulch.  While we were there we looked at plants and I think I’m going to put a few small azaleas in the space but I wanted to wait until the bushes were gone before buying something else.  We got home and while Matt was watching football, I grabbed Julio and we went outside to pull out the bushes.   This actually turned out to be a lot more difficult then I thought it would be.   Thankfully the ground was wet so that made it a little easier but there were still spots I just couldn’t get the shovel in.  Matt finally looked outside and came downstairs.  He ended up having to help me get all 3 bushes out.  Suckers were super heavy.  I didn’t really expect that.  🙂

Once we got the bushes out the flower bed was a mess.  Not to mention there was a ton of trash in the ground.  I found a bottle opener key chain, a long yellow plastic thing, and some netting.  Thankfully I didn’t find a snake or any other creepy crawleys.  I tried to get the dirt spread around but it was really a disaster.  Matt suggested we buy some edging while we were at Lowes so he helped me put that in and that helped to define the space.  Once we had the edging in we put down the mulch.  Oh man, you can’t imagine the difference.  The space looks SOOOO much better.  Even with no plants it just feels clean and crisp.  I am really looking forward to putting in more bushes and hopefully keeping the space a little more organized.  🙂




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