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  • Oh Mary Kay

    Two weeks ago I went on a little MK shopping spree.  I bought eye cream, moisturizer, and a microderm kit.  My old skin care routine just wasn’t cutting it so when someone on IG mentioned they were using MK products I decided to give them another try.  A long time ago, when I was still living in AL, my mom and I started using MK products.  We both really liked them, but at the time, it was a little difficult to find local MK dealers.  Eventually we stopped and switched to who knows what.

    With it back in my mind, I decided to search Amazon and ending up finding the products I was looking for for almost half the price of the MK site.  I immediately placed my orders and waited.  The eye cream was the first thing I purchased and it actually took the longest to receive.  It just arrived on Wednesday.  I had to email the seller ask where my order was.  Turns out they bought the label but didn’t ship my order until I contacted them.  Needless to say I will be writing a review and I won’t use that seller again.

    I’ve been using both the moisturizer and microderm kit for close to a week now  and so far so good.  The moisturizer seems to hydrate my skin without feeling too heavy or greasy.  It also isn’t so light my skin dries out.  When you put it on it actually seems to feel little powdery.  It’s odd but nice.  The microderm kit I’ve been using on alternating days.  I really like this kit so far.  It doesn’t seem to dry my skin out and after it feels soft and smooth.  With the microderm kit, I wash my face as usual, blot with a towel but not to the point of drying it, and then use Step 1.  It’s really gritty but it’s not uncomfortable.  Once I’ve given my face a good scrub, I wash off the product, dry, and add Step 2.  I have no clue what Step 2 is or does for that matter but it feels nice.  I then add my moisturizer and go to bed.

    I feel like my skin tone is slowing improving.  The dry spot on my cheek is still there.  I’m not sure if it’s getting better or what but the skin is starting to flake off.  I’m hoping this is a good sign that new skin is being generated.

    I know this isn’t a great product review but if you’re looking for a change, check out Mary Kay.  You might be surprised with the results.  If I have any drastic results from the eye cream I’ll def post another review.