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  • Let’s buy a car!

    Last week dad received a job offer in the Raleigh area. WOO HOOO!  The plan was for him to start training on Monday, in Richmond.  The only problem with this is they only had one car and mom had to work today.  Since dad was going to be out of town I offered to let mom use my car but I also offered to help her find a new one.  They had decided that dad would keep their current car which is paid for and mom would get something new.  After some convincing, I finally talked mom into a lease.  More car, less payment.

    We chatted a little over the weekend and I couldn’t nail her down on a day to go look at cars.  She kept giving me the run-around with “I have to work.”  So I decided to take matters into my own hands and force her to go.  Matt and I had offered to let her borrow my car for a few days but instead of dropping off my car I decided we would just go look for her a car.

    Yesterday I left work a few minutes early to pick her up.  Then we headed down to the auto park in Cary.  I had my eye on a cute little Kia Sportage in the color she wanted.  Well we get to the lot and of course they don’t have that car.  The guy shows us a few other options and we let mom drive one.  We get back to the dealership and start talking numbers on the one she drove.  Mind you this had more options then she wanted or needed so when that number came back high I started looking at other dealerships in town.  The sales guy continued to work with us determined to sell us a car.  Finally, he came back with one I had seen online that was about 30 mins away.  We all agreed it would work if he could get the numbers to work.  He finally nailed me down on a price and after a quick text to dad I agreed that if he could hit that we would take the car.  All the while mom is shaking her head like Noooooo!  hehe {I should note I’ve been buying cars with mom since I was 14 and we walked out of the Jeep dealership 3x.  And more often than not the sales guys forget who the car is actually for since I end up making the deal.  Mom said she was pretty impressed with my car buyin’ skills.  I’ve apparently gotten better!}

    A few minutes later we had ourselves a car!  Woo hooo!  They were even nice enough to offer mom a loaner {with NAV} since her car wouldn’t be ready till today.  This worked out beautifully for me.  Then we waited, and waited, and waited.  Like I mean we waited around 2 hours to see the finance guy.  At this point it was after 9pm and mom was getting grumpy and I was ready to go home.  We get back with the finance guy, who apologizes, and do the speediest paper signing ever!  He also informs us that due to the wait they are including a free car care package.  SCORE!

    This morning mom heads to the dealership so I text our sales guy to let him know she is on her way (note dad has the good cell and the prepay mom has is almost out of minutes).  He then calls me to tell me they can’t locate mom’s new car.  Whomp whomp.  Apparently it got put on a truck and ended up in Wake Forest?  I have no clue honestly.  I received a text a little while ago that the sale guy was going to get the car when he got done with a customer but mom is at work till 9 so I guess she won’t get her new car today either.

    I should note that this way of buying cars drives Matt nuts.  We are a little on the impulsive side when it comes to car buying.  It normally starts with us at a dealer and ends with a new car.  There is no “scoping out the competition” nor is there “research.”  It just happens.  And unbeknownst to him, that’s probably how the next car we buy for ME will happen.



  • This is what happens

    When 2 people who love cars marry……

    So Matt is a car lover and has always had nice cars, as in 3 Audis. I too am a car lover, or more like a car leaver. There was a time in my life when I averaged a new (and by new I mean used) car every 18 months or so. Well the plan had been that I would get the Q5 next year when the Jetta lease was up and then Matt would get a new (or used) car.

    As it happened a friend of ours works at the Audi dealership and last week he brought home a BMW 135i that had recently been traded. You see Matt has been lusting after this car for a few months now so when J offered to bring it home and let us drive it we said HELL YES! This my friends, was the beginning of the end. Matt drove first and I was like yeah it’s nice, very small. Then I drove. O. M. G! From there I was in love! The car was amazing and amazingly fast.

    J talked to Matt and they tried to work out a deal but the numbers just didn’t add up so Matt started looking. He found 2 cars that would do, one in Wilmington and one in Atlanta. After a few days of negotiating Matt finally got the deal we were looking for on the Wilmington car. As it happened, his parents were in town last night so they were able to drive him down today to pick up the new car.

    So now we have this…..


    Yes I know it is completely impractical but what the hell! You only live once! 😀

    ~Tomorrow Matt and I will head to NYC to celebrate ONE whole year of marriage! WOOO HOOO! We did it!




  • Drives like a dream

    Okay I promise this will be the last car post for a while. 😉

    Today I got to drive the new car to work and let me just say it’s pretty awesome.  The handling is amazing and I love Love LOVE the panoramic sunroof.  Plus I think it really looks more like a Kelly car and less like a Matte car, hehe!  I know it will be mine soon enough but still.  It’s a really really nice car.

    When Matt and I decided to buy a new car for him the agreement was it would be mine once we have kids or when the Jetta lease is up. The lease on the Jetta will be up next year so either way I’ll get the Q5 and then Matt will trade the Jetta for something a bit more sporty.  Actually he’s already started looking for the next “new car”.

    I’ve come to realize I’ve married a “car” guy.  While I would and could be content with whatever (as long as it’s not a POS) Matt will definitely not be satisfied with your run of the mill car.  And honestly I think I’m fine with that.  I mean if I will be able to stay at home with our kid(s) then I think he can have a nice fun car.

    And in unrelated news while my shingles rash appears to be getting better my body aches seem to be getting worse.  Today I feel like I’ve been hit by a truck.  My whole body aches and it sore to the touch.  I don’t know if this is related to the shingles or if perhaps I’m not sleeping as well.  I don’t know.  If anyone has had shingles please shed some light on what I’m going through.


  • Our new car

    Is somewhere between Georgia and here.  It arrived at port in Georgia this past Sunday.  We know the cars are starting to arrive since our Sales guy’s car came in on Wednesday.  Now we are just waiting.  Matt saw our car twin in his parking lot today with the 30 day dealer tags so we know it just arrived.  It was our exact car but it had the light grey interior.  We got black.

    Dear Car, please hurry up and get here!  We are ready to bring you home!

    ~And on a completely different note, my hair did not turn out exactly as I had planned.  It is a little darker then expected and kind of red.  Hmmmm.  Looks like there will be a re-done next weekend.


  • Get together and cars

    Well this week has pretty much SUCKED!!!!  Like for realz yo!  But I did have a few good moments.  Last night was the Raleigh GTG.  I met the girls up at Trali, a local Irish place.  Dinner was good, but the company was quite nice.  The knotties will have to do this more often.

    While I was at dinner last night I got a little bit of better news.  It looks as though our new car will be here in October instead of December.  Our sales guy was able to change an order already in the system just for us!  YAY!  This means our new car will be built the week of the 26th.  I am really excited about our new car.  I say our because Matt will drive it for a while and once we have a baby it will become my car.  WOO HOO!  This also means the Jetta lease will hopefully be close to up so then Matt can trade that in and get a “fun” car since I will have the baby mobile.  I’ve already told him he needs to take car of “MY” new car. 😉



  • And the winner is….

    The Audi Q5.  The decision was made last night after we got a few more numbers in.  Now we just need to pick a color.  We are going to the Audi dealership tomorrow afternoon to put down our deposit and pick out our colors.  We know we want the black interior but we haven’t decided between the Monsoon Grey or the Moonlight Blue.  Either way it looks as though we will have to wait 3 WHOLE months to get our car.  I’m not gonna lie, this is going to kill me and I won’t be driving it everyday.

    The car will have to be built and shipped over from Germany.  They are pretty popular right and there just aren’t a lot on the lots.  Of course, we are being a bit pickier but for the price I guess we should.  I’ve never ordered a car before so this whole process is new to me.  The thought of having a car “custom” made just for you never really crossed my mind.  I guess I always thought it would cost more but surprisingly it costs just the same.  Huh!


    That’s the Monsoon Grey.  MMMM pretty!