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Get together and cars

Get together and cars

Well this week has pretty much SUCKED!!!!  Like for realz yo!  But I did have a few good moments.  Last night was the Raleigh GTG.  I met the girls up at Trali, a local Irish place.  Dinner was good, but the company was quite nice.  The knotties will have to do this more often.

While I was at dinner last night I got a little bit of better news.  It looks as though our new car will be here in October instead of December.  Our sales guy was able to change an order already in the system just for us!  YAY!  This means our new car will be built the week of the 26th.  I am really excited about our new car.  I say our because Matt will drive it for a while and once we have a baby it will become my car.  WOO HOO!  This also means the Jetta lease will hopefully be close to up so then Matt can trade that in and get a “fun” car since I will have the baby mobile.  I’ve already told him he needs to take car of “MY” new car. 😉



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