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This is what happens

When 2 people who love cars marry……

So Matt is a car lover and has always had nice cars, as in 3 Audis. I too am a car lover, or more like a car leaver. There was a time in my life when I averaged a new (and by new I mean used) car every 18 months or so. Well the plan had been that I would get the Q5 next year when the Jetta lease was up and then Matt would get a new (or used) car.

As it happened a friend of ours works at the Audi dealership and last week he brought home a BMW 135i that had recently been traded. You see Matt has been lusting after this car for a few months now so when J offered to bring it home and let us drive it we said HELL YES! This my friends, was the beginning of the end. Matt drove first and I was like yeah it’s nice, very small. Then I drove. O. M. G! From there I was in love! The car was amazing and amazingly fast.

J talked to Matt and they tried to work out a deal but the numbers just didn’t add up so Matt started looking. He found 2 cars that would do, one in Wilmington and one in Atlanta. After a few days of negotiating Matt finally got the deal we were looking for on the Wilmington car. As it happened, his parents were in town last night so they were able to drive him down today to pick up the new car.

So now we have this…..


Yes I know it is completely impractical but what the hell! You only live once! 😀

~Tomorrow Matt and I will head to NYC to celebrate ONE whole year of marriage! WOOO HOOO! We did it!




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