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Skin Care – again….

Skin Care – again….

I know, I know.  I seem to change skin care routines all the time.  It’s nice now that my skin isn’t so super sensitive, I can change things up for time to time and not worry.

This new routine is a mix of several previous skin care routines.  So here’s what I’m currently using:


I start with Coconut Oil.  I scoop out a little bit with my fingers and massage the oil into my skin.  I find this is a good way to breakdown your makeup.  Once I’ve massaged my skin I will use a cotton round with a little Coconut Oil to remove my eye make up.  I would suggest lightly wetting the cotton round, otherwise you’ll get cotton fibers stuck in your eye lashes.  Once I get the majority of my eye makeup off, I flip the cotton round over and wipe off the rest of my face.  You will still have a decent amount of oil on your skin.  And most times I will actually use whatever oil is left on my hands to massage my skin a bit more.  I basically just use the cotton round to remove the makeup before massaging more oil in.  You can do this as long as you want.  Some nights I take my time and others I just do a quick once over before moving on to the next step.  This is the facial massage I kind of follow, but not really.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8h022_ZDnv0&app=desktop

Once I done massaging the Coconut Oil into my skin, I get about a quarter to half a pump of my Cereva Cleanser.  I add a little water and rub it on my skin but just enough to get the product on my skin.  Then I use my Olay Pro-X to cleanse the rest of my skin.  This doesn’t actually remove all the oil but I feel like it does a good job of removing any remaining dirt.

After I rinse my face off, I pat it dry and apply 3 drops of the Rosehip Oil.  True Rosehip Oil does NOT smell like roses.  It has a very earthy smell.  Matt says my face smells like grass after I apply it.  The Rosehip Oil absorbs pretty quickly into the skin (like 5-10 mins).  I then apply my Mary Kay eye cream and moisturizer.

As you can see, this is kind of a process but it seems to be working pretty well for me.  My skin has gotten drier as I’ve gotten older and I really like using oils.  I feel like my overall complexion has evened out some since I’ve started this routine.  I also feel like my blackheads getting better.  I haven’t had any crazy breakouts either.  I would recommend this routine for all skin types.  Dry skin needs the moisture and oils actually help oily skin not over produce oil.

You can also search the blog for OCM and that will pull up a post or two regarding the Oil Cleansing Method.  You could do this with Coconut Oil instead of the process I am currently using.


Olay CC Cream

Olay CC Cream

I feel like I’ve done a lot of makeup posts lately but I keep buying new stuff.  🙂  Last weekend while Matt and I were at Costco I picked up some Olay CC Cream.  It was basically buy one get one free.

I know I’ve raved on here about the Olay Total Effects Cream but Olay is really nailing it!  The CC Cream is  basically just like the Total Effects as far as consistency goes only I got the light to medium shade which seems to suite my skin tone a little better than the fair to light I have in the Total Effects.  My plan is/was to still use the CC cream in with my Clinique Even Better foundation but yesterday I decided that since we were having a lazy day I would just apply the CC Cream.  I can’t tell you how much I LOVE this stuff.  I don’t think it’s really any different than the Total Effects but honestly I love that too.

The CC Cream offered just enough coverage to help even out my skin and then I applied a little Mineral Veil from Bare Minerals and bronzer.  Add blush and mascara and I was good to go.  This is my “quick” makeup routine. 😉

So where I really wanted to go with this post is to say that I think I like the Olay CC Cream better than the Clinique BB Cream.  As I mentioned the BB Cream still felt a little heavier than what I would want from something that’s touted as a “tinted moisturizer.”  With that said, buy the CC Cream!  Even if you have a regular foundation, I don’t think you can go wrong with the CC Cream.  It’s great to add to your foundation or for days when you don’t feel like spending a lot of time applying makeup. (I wonder if I could return the BB Cream?)


It’s a beauty post

It’s a beauty post

I ran to Ulta the other day armed with a few gift cards. I had a few things in mind that I wanted to purchase and well I felt like buying girly stuff. 🙂

First item on my list was some gel eyeliner. I saw a good tutorial on Pinterest and decided I wanted to pick some up. Lucky for me the Ulta brand gel eyeliner was half the price of M.A.C, which they didn’t have anyway soI picked up a jar and a brush.

My shampoo and conditioner was on sale so I picked up a few more liters and grabbed some Orly matte top coat polish. I really hope this stuff will make my regular polish have a matte finish. I haven’t tried it yet since my nails are currently painted with a clear coat.

Last on my list was the Olay Pro X cleaning system. I’ve had my eye on this bad boy since last year. So this year I decided it was mine. (I read the reviews after I bought it and that made me even happier with my decision.) When all was said and done I walked out of Ulta with a ton of stuff and only spent a little of Matt’s our money. 😉

That night I tried my new Olay cleansing brush.  It was kind of weird at first and I’d been blowing my nose a lot that day so the brush was definitely a little rough on my nose area but overall it wasn’t bad.  Last night was much better and I think I enjoyed the experience a little more.  I haven’t noticed any real changes in my skin just yet but it’s only been 2 days.  I feel like it might take a few more before I really start to notice anything different.  I will say my skin does feel a little softer.

I have a lot of small blackheads on my chin and nose so I’m really interested to see if these babies will disappear.  I saw several comments on the Amazon reviews that said the blackheads disappeared after using the Olay brush.  So I guess we will see.

Happy Friday!