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It’s a beauty post

I ran to Ulta the other day armed with a few gift cards. I had a few things in mind that I wanted to purchase and well I felt like buying girly stuff. 🙂

First item on my list was some gel eyeliner. I saw a good tutorial on Pinterest and decided I wanted to pick some up. Lucky for me the Ulta brand gel eyeliner was half the price of M.A.C, which they didn’t have anyway soI picked up a jar and a brush.

My shampoo and conditioner was on sale so I picked up a few more liters and grabbed some Orly matte top coat polish. I really hope this stuff will make my regular polish have a matte finish. I haven’t tried it yet since my nails are currently painted with a clear coat.

Last on my list was the Olay Pro X cleaning system. I’ve had my eye on this bad boy since last year. So this year I decided it was mine. (I read the reviews after I bought it and that made me even happier with my decision.) When all was said and done I walked out of Ulta with a ton of stuff and only spent a little of Matt’s our money. 😉

That night I tried my new Olay cleansing brush.  It was kind of weird at first and I’d been blowing my nose a lot that day so the brush was definitely a little rough on my nose area but overall it wasn’t bad.  Last night was much better and I think I enjoyed the experience a little more.  I haven’t noticed any real changes in my skin just yet but it’s only been 2 days.  I feel like it might take a few more before I really start to notice anything different.  I will say my skin does feel a little softer.

I have a lot of small blackheads on my chin and nose so I’m really interested to see if these babies will disappear.  I saw several comments on the Amazon reviews that said the blackheads disappeared after using the Olay brush.  So I guess we will see.

Happy Friday!


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