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In the closet

I think I mentioned in my carpet post that I had plans to rearrange the closet when we got everything back in order.  Well I did just that on Saturday.  We bought a shoe holder shelf for the closet and I’ve been waiting for Matt to put it in before we moved everything back to the closet.

The shelf we bought turned out to be a little too big for the closet so Matt cut in down and then installed it.  It’s low and slanted so it doesn’t get in the way of our clothes but it is high enough off the floor that we can put shoes under it too.  Mainly this is now where all of my shoes are.  Matt’s shoes are in a shoe holder hanging on the door.  {Basically we both have too many shoes!}

This is right after we put the shelf in.

The shelf with my shoes.

The closet back in order.


I know it’s still kind of messy but there is only so much you can do with 2 people and 1 small closet. Anyway, I said I rearranged and I did. Before we had 2 plastic bins on the left hand side, to the front of the closet. This is our “dressing station.” Basically where we throw our jeans at night. 😉 Then Matt had this shorts and pants behind the bins. On the right bottom side he had all of his polo type shirts. I didn’t feel this was the best use of our space and, well I rearranged without him so I put stuff back where I wanted it. I moved the bins to the right hand side and now all of his clothes are to the left. My clothes are now along the back wall and on the top right shelf. To me, the closet feels a little more spacious and it allows me easier access to my shoes.

Oh and I just wanted to mention the shelving cost us about $20.00.  This was much cheaper then other shoe holders and to me, gives us a lot more space.


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