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  • I feel another Pinterest Project coming on…

    It’s been several months since I have been inspired to create any of the craft projects I currently have pinned. I found this adorable pic from Esty dealer drawGabbydraw and just knew I had to do it. I have watercolors so all I really need it probably a good pen. I have no idea where I will put it. I might need my own little lady cave so I can display all my random art projects. ūüėČ I still have my NC heart lying around somewhere.


















    In other news, I think Matt and I have finally decided on a location for our trip. ¬†More details soon. ūüôā



  • I CAN SEW!

    So one thing kind of lead to another. ¬†Yesterday while I was blowing up perusing Pinterest I stumbled cross this cute little guy, a frog bean bag. ¬†The a little later I saw an idea for homemade heating pads using rice or beans. ¬†Hmmm. ¬†{You see where this ¬†is going right?} ¬†Of course I thought I could totally do this. ¬†AND I have a sewing machine I’ve been dying to use.

    This afternoon on Matt’s way home he stopped by the store. ¬†I asked if he would pick up some rice so I can make my cute little frog. ¬†After my work out I finally cleaned off “my” desk downstairs to make room for my sewing machine. ¬†It took a little while to clear the mess I must admit but now I have a¬†permanent¬†place for it. It only took me about 45 minutes and reading the instructions to get everything set up. ¬†Yes, I actually read the directions and let me just say this is not a beginner machine. ¬†Or I should say the instructions are definitely not beginner friendly. ¬†Thankfully my mom had a sewing machine that I’ve used so I knew most of the basics but I’m still not sure exactly what some of it meant but…..I SEWED!!!!!

    I grabbed some of the scratch fabric I bought a while back cute a little piece and tried a few stitches. ¬†The machine itself really doesn’t seem so hard. ¬†It is super easy to change the stitch, you just push a button and BAM! done.

    All of this leads to my new goal of a Pinterest post a week. ¬†My hope is to post a craft one week and a recipe the next. ¬†Since I have a mild obsession with Pinterest I think it’s dumb to not put some of these pins to use. ¬†I mean really, what is the point if I’m just going to pin something and never look at it again? ¬†This week that all ends. ¬†Come Friday I will post pics of my new little buddy. ¬†And next week I will choose a recipe ¬†and post the results on Friday. ¬†Hopefully I can keep this up for a while. ūüôā


  • A new addition

    to my blog! ¬†Whoop whoop! ¬†I added a Pinterest button. ¬†If you don’t follow me you really should. ¬†Just click the cute little button to your right. ¬†I promise to try and not “Pin poorly.” ¬†ūüôā

    I’ve mentioned Pinterest numerous times and it is WONDERFUL! ¬†Bored at work? ¬†Pinterest. ¬†Bored at home? ¬†Pinterest. ¬†You get the idea. ¬†Some of my latest projects have come from things I found on Pinterest.

    If you need an invite leave a comment with your email addy and I will send you one.

    Happy Pinning!


  • More ornaments

    Thanks to my new Pinterest addiction I found some super cute ornaments I decided to make. ¬†I mentioned a few of these last week. ¬†Anyway I didn’t mention all the ornaments I made because I not only made one for me, I made one for a friend. ¬†She had an At Home Reception on Friday but I wanted to give her hers before I blogged them.

    Anyway, I found this great idea on Pinterest of taking a wedding invitation and putting it inside a glass ornament. ¬†How¬†brilliant¬†is that? ¬†Well it’s great. ¬†All you do is cut up a wedding invitation, roll the stripes around a pen and carefully put the stripes in a glass ornament. ¬†I was lucky enough to find some glass ornaments at Big Lots a few weeks ago. ¬†Next I needed to cut the invitation, curl it and stuff it. ¬†{You need to be careful while cutting so you don’t cut any of the wording.} ¬†Once I had that done I found a few charms from Michaels. ¬†For my friend’s ornament I used a palm tree and for mine I used a star fish. ¬†Add some colored ribbon to match and Viola!

    I will add that I added the more important wording towards the end. ¬†I wanted to make sure that things like names, dates and places were easy to see. ¬†You can always use tweezers to help arrange the stripes if you need to. ¬†As I’m looking at these pics I noticed I didn’t really get a good pic of mine {the pink one} in regards to wording. ¬†But you can see both mine and Matt’s names.