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So one thing kind of lead to another.  Yesterday while I was blowing up perusing Pinterest I stumbled cross this cute little guy, a frog bean bag.  The a little later I saw an idea for homemade heating pads using rice or beans.  Hmmm.  {You see where this  is going right?}  Of course I thought I could totally do this.  AND I have a sewing machine I’ve been dying to use.

This afternoon on Matt’s way home he stopped by the store.  I asked if he would pick up some rice so I can make my cute little frog.  After my work out I finally cleaned off “my” desk downstairs to make room for my sewing machine.  It took a little while to clear the mess I must admit but now I have a permanent place for it. It only took me about 45 minutes and reading the instructions to get everything set up.  Yes, I actually read the directions and let me just say this is not a beginner machine.  Or I should say the instructions are definitely not beginner friendly.  Thankfully my mom had a sewing machine that I’ve used so I knew most of the basics but I’m still not sure exactly what some of it meant but…..I SEWED!!!!!

I grabbed some of the scratch fabric I bought a while back cute a little piece and tried a few stitches.  The machine itself really doesn’t seem so hard.  It is super easy to change the stitch, you just push a button and BAM! done.

All of this leads to my new goal of a Pinterest post a week.  My hope is to post a craft one week and a recipe the next.  Since I have a mild obsession with Pinterest I think it’s dumb to not put some of these pins to use.  I mean really, what is the point if I’m just going to pin something and never look at it again?  This week that all ends.  Come Friday I will post pics of my new little buddy.  And next week I will choose a recipe  and post the results on Friday.  Hopefully I can keep this up for a while. 🙂


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