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More ornaments

Thanks to my new Pinterest addiction I found some super cute ornaments I decided to make.  I mentioned a few of these last week.  Anyway I didn’t mention all the ornaments I made because I not only made one for me, I made one for a friend.  She had an At Home Reception on Friday but I wanted to give her hers before I blogged them.

Anyway, I found this great idea on Pinterest of taking a wedding invitation and putting it inside a glass ornament.  How brilliant is that?  Well it’s great.  All you do is cut up a wedding invitation, roll the stripes around a pen and carefully put the stripes in a glass ornament.  I was lucky enough to find some glass ornaments at Big Lots a few weeks ago.  Next I needed to cut the invitation, curl it and stuff it.  {You need to be careful while cutting so you don’t cut any of the wording.}  Once I had that done I found a few charms from Michaels.  For my friend’s ornament I used a palm tree and for mine I used a star fish.  Add some colored ribbon to match and Viola!

I will add that I added the more important wording towards the end.  I wanted to make sure that things like names, dates and places were easy to see.  You can always use tweezers to help arrange the stripes if you need to.  As I’m looking at these pics I noticed I didn’t really get a good pic of mine {the pink one} in regards to wording.  But you can see both mine and Matt’s names.




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