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  • Follow up – check!

    Woo hooo!  My appt went well this morning.  Dr. said things looked good and I am clear to get back to normal.  He still wants me to come in for another follow up in a few weeks but things are looking up.  😀


  • Follow up

    I had an appt with my dr. yesterday for my 2 week post op.  Unfortunately he said things weren’t healing as quickly as I had hoped so I have to go back in a week.  I am hopeful that next week things will look good and I will be cleared to resume normal activities again.  Between the holiday craziness and this surgery, someone needs to get her ass back on the elliptical.

    Needless to say, I was pretty disappointed by the news and when Matt and I got to the parking lot I started to cry.  I know things need to heal but come on!  I’m just ready for all of this to be over already.  Matt was super sweet and brought home flowers for me.  (I told him these did not count for next week!) 😉

    I did finish up one of the projects I’ve been working.  I’m hoping to going to get the other one finished this weekend.   Matt’s been in the process of cleaning up and cleaning out our bonus room.  Now that we have another TV, he wants a man cave but in the process I’ve lost my sewing table.  To be honest, I hate being downstairs anyway.  It’s cold and dreary, and cold!  I also hate being down there by myself hence the reason I normally craft on the counter in the kitchen.



  • It’s sleeting it’s snowing, it’s a slushy disaster

    Last week I went to the doctor and he discovered I had a minor issue caused by my first surgery. Since we wanted to get this taken care of as soon as possible, they were able to squeeze me in yesterday. We were told this procedure would take about 10 mins and they would use a milder sedation.

    Matt and I arrived at the surgery center around 9am. By 9:30 I was back in pre-op going over the necessary information, getting an IV, and waiting until the doctor arrived. I asked the nurse if he was running on schedule and she said I was his first appt so who knew. Around 11:00 she said he was running late, shocker, and it would be about 11:30 before we got started. Matt and I chuckled a little knowing he is always late. We were pretty surprised when he popped his head in a few minutes later. The OR nurses came to get me and by 11:15 I was headed to the OR.


    I was much less groggy when I woke up this time. The nurse asked me a few questions and then sent someone to get Matt. I finally asked him what time it was and he told me 1:30. What should have been a 10 min procedure took about an hour and a half. There were other issues from the last surgery he found which caused the procedure to run longer. I felt relatively well considering and the nurse said once I got dressed we could leave.

    We got home around 2:00 and Matt got me settled on the couch. Then he ran to get my meds. I spent most of the night lying on the couch. Unfortunately I felt more nauseous this time which kind of sucked. I went to bed early knowing I would probably just work from home today. The weather report was calling a wintry mix. Plus the nurses said I couldn’t shower for 24 hours. No way I was going to work unshowered. Nor was I going to risk driving on ice on pain killers.

    This morning Matt and I got up and set up shop downstairs. He decided to work from home as well because our new TV was being delivered. Thankfully the delivery guy got here about 9 because around 10:30 it started sleeting and then it turned to snow for a while. About noon it stopped snowing and starting with the freezing rain. Matt ran out to grab some lunch before the roads got too bad and then salted the driveway. Now our pretty snow-covered street is a slush filled disaster. I was really looking forward to snow but per doctor’s orders there would be no sledding for me even if we got snow. 🙁



    Oh, I forgot mention I got a sled last weekend? I got a sled last weekend at Target for $5.00. Woo hoo!


    Also Mr. Julio has been a great, yet needy, coworker today.




  • A case of the sleepies

    I was up every hour after 2 am last night.  I am feeling MUCH MUCH better from my surgery but I had some minor issues last night that kept me awake on and off.  I ended up coming in to work about an hour late to make sure everything was under control.  So far so good except for my sheer exhaustion.  I would have worked from home today but thanks to Time Warner the internet is out at our house and will probably be down til Thursday.  Are you kidding me?!?!  Anyway I drug myself to work but I am not super happy about it.  I’d rather be at home sleeping on the couch.

    Hurry up 5:00!


  • So let’s talk

    For almost the last year I have been telling doctors I thought something was wrong.  I wasn’t in pain or anything but I just “knew” something was off.  The first doc did the obligatory ultrasound.  She found nothing, basically patted me on the head and brushed me off.  A few months later I saw another doc in the practice and she referred me to a specialist.  I was very excited with the prospect that the new doctor would do more testing and figure out what was going on.

    Matt and I met with the new doc in April and she also did an ultrasound and few other “minor” tests.  Again we were told everything was fine.  Finally Matt and I decided we wanted a second opinion so I called another specialist and scheduled an appointment.  Much to our surprise the new doctor immediately offered up more testing ideas.  Tests we’d never heard of, or knew about.  With new found information I decided to have a laproscopy last Thursday.  We went in knowing the doctor could find nothing but it’s a minor surgery with a pretty quick recovery time.  Plus my insurance covers 100% after my deductible and my work pays almost all of my deductible.

    The receptionist called on Tuesday to schedule my surgery and by the end of the day I had a Thursday afternoon appt.  Let’s face it, I do much better when I don’t have time to think about things so the quick turnaround was great!

    Thursday morning I worked from home and around noon Matt and I headed to the surgical center.  Overall my experience wasn’t too bad, aside from the epic IV fail.  Nurse 1 did a really bad job which lead to a full blown “episode”.  An episode includes my blood pressure dropping, my heart rating slowing down and me on the verge of passing out.  A little oxygen and a wet washcloth later, I was feeling better and ready for try number 2.  Nurse 2 decided to numb my hand and then insert the IV.  I’m never going back.  This is totally the way to go. 😉

    Before long (well it was kind of long, the new doc is always running behind) the ER nurses came to get me.  The next thing I remember is waking up in recovery asking for Matt.  The nurse grabbed him and then the doc came by armed with pics.  Not only did I have endometriosis, I also had a cyst on my ovary that was blocking a tube, and I had a polyp.  No one, new doc included had seen any of this on any of the numerous ultrasounds I’d had done in the past months.  The doctor showed Matt the pics and probably 20 – 30 mins later we were headed home.

    I slept most of Thursday night and Friday morning I got up thinking I was going to work from home.  Umm yeah.  I was up for about 5 minutes when the nausea set in and I ended up laying on the couch for the rest of the morning.  I did have a few things I needed to take care of for work so I kept my eye on that but nothing else.

    Today is Tuesday and I’m still not at 100%.  I’m probably not quite at 85% but I’m feeling better.  My incisions are healing I guess.  (They are covered in glue)  My pain levels are down and now mostly I’m just a lot of uncomfortable.  I bought some black yoga pants to wear this week and they feel nice.  My work chair, however, SUCKS!

    Anyway the point to me writing all of this down is to say, if you feel like something is wrong keep pushing for answers.  Granted I didn’t have anything seriously wrong with me but all of  those things can cause issues.  Now it’s been fixed and we can move on.  I am so thankful for a local blogger.  I reached out to her and she was super kind, told me about her situation and referred me to our new doctor.  Without her Matt and I might still be looking for answers!


  • On the road to recovery

    I had minor surgery last Thursday.  Aside from the pain meds making me sick I am kind of starting to feel a little better.  I am hoping to make it work tomorrow.  Anyway my weekend was pretty boring and consisted of lying on the couch watching football or golf for the past 3 days.

    I hope to go back to work tomorrow.  While working from home is okay it will be nice to actually get dressed (sort of) and see people.