Follow up – check!

Woo hooo!  My appt went well this morning.  Dr. said things looked good and I am clear to get back to normal.  He still wants me to come in for another follow up in a few weeks but things are looking up.  😀 ~k


Follow up

I had an appt with my dr. yesterday for my 2 week post op.  Unfortunately he said things weren’t healing as quickly as I had hoped so I have to go back in a week.  I am hopeful that next week things will look good and I will be cleared to resume normal activities again.… Read More Follow up


So let’s talk

For almost the last year I have been telling doctors I thought something was wrong.  I wasn’t in pain or anything but I just “knew” something was off.  The first doc did the obligatory ultrasound.  She found nothing, basically patted me on the head and brushed me off.  A few months later I saw another… Read More So let’s talk