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The last one

Monthiversary that is.  We are finally to month 11 and wouldn’t you know it’s on Friday the 13th.  Matt and I decided to make this one a little extra special since we will be in NYC next month so I popped open a bottle of bubbly (a bottle we received as a wedding gift) to go with our Five Guys.  That’s right, we are keeping it classy over here. 😉


Once I got home Matt and I ran to Lowe’s to pick up some more paint and to buy a new patio set.  Thank you AMEX!  We had some more cash back so we decided to buy a new table and chairs.  It didn’t hurt that I almost died the other day when I sat in one of the old chairs.  The bottom literally fell out.  Oopsy.  I love the cushions we got too.  They are reversible and very bright, and not to mention cheap.


I should also mention Julio decided to see if he could fly tonight.  Yeah, he decided to jump off the deck.  He seems to be fine but I had to chase his little ass all the way to the end of the buildings.  Needless to say he got spanked and he won’t be going out, even on the deck, without his harness from now on.  Crazy cat!

Happy 11th monthiversary Matte!  You are the best husband a girl could have and I am thankful each day I found you.  Even when times are tough you are amazing and I love you more each day!


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