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The “Southern” is coming out!

The “Southern” is coming out!

What I mean by this is the “southern” love of gardening is starting to come out. My whole life I have been all bah humbug about gardening. Honestly I couldn’t really think of anything I really cared less for but now, now I have the bug. It started with a few random plants in the house. Since I’ve managed to actually keep a couple alive for a few years I’m starting to get more adventurous.

You may remember the herbal disaster of last summer but let’s get real, our deck gets SOOO much mid-day sun I think I would be hard pressed to find anything that would grow there. But this hasn’t discouraged me. The orchid I got for Valentine’s day last year is still alive. Granted I don’t think I will ever bloom again but it’s still growing. Then there are the hostas from last year. One of which made it though the winter in the garage with minimal sun and no water. Let’s not forget the begonia’s I planted a few weeks ago and now, now I have gone and done it.

For a while now I’ve really really wanted a hydrangea. There is a townhouse on the other street that has a few hydrangeas on the side of their house. I thought about doing the same thing but after talking to my mom she said our side would probably get too much sun. Well crap. But then she told me she’d had really good luck growing them in planters while she was in NC. Aaaaaahhh!

With this new found knowledge I told Matt we were going to Lowe’s to buy one Friday after work. After searching through the lot I finally found the one I wanted. It is right on the edge of blooming and the flowers should be pink. It was a bit more then I really wanted to spend but with Lowe’s guarantee, I thought what the hell. If it dies in the first year I can take it back and get a refund. So my 20 bucks won’t be a waste. Once I found the right plant I found a cute {okay let’s be real it’s decent at best} pot but it works and it wasn’t super expensive. If it does well this year I might invest in a better pot next year but for it’s fine.

And here it is, my new awesome hydrangea bush. EEKKK!



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