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Oh carpal tunnel

You are so not my friend.  I’m not sure what has happened over the past few days but OMG my wrist hurts.  I went to Target on Monday and bought a brace but it’s pretty cheap and I’m not sure it really does much.  I can’t seem to get it quite as tight as I feel I need it.

I hadn’t been doing anything different really so I’m not sure why exactly it’s just started hurting.  I always do a ton of typing at work so it’s not like that is different.

And speaking of wrists, I might have a little something planned for my wrist while we are in NYC next week.  😉  HOLY COW, we will be in NYC NEXT week!  In 11 days Matt and I will be have been married ONE WHOLE YEAR!  AHHHHHH!  😀  I might be a tad bit excited.


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