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This ain’t no fashion blog – Pumps

Yesterday I walked into the office with one of our HR girls. She was dressed nicely in business clothes, I of course in jeans, but I couldn’t help but notice her shoes. Ugh! I’m not much for plain pumps to begin with but these has horribly long, pointed toes. As we walked I kept wondering how in the world she wasn’t tripping over the long pointy tips. I would have killed myself. Not to mention after a day of wearing something like that they would be all scuffed to hell. Clearly I’m not the best walker in the world. 🙂

Here is a pic I found similar to what she had on.









This is the best pic I could find and maybe they weren’t quite that pointy but they had a nice point to them.

Honestly I HATE shoes like this. I don’t think they are attractive AT ALL! Not to mention, where do your toes go? (Yes I know I have freakishly long toes but still.) I think they look unattractive and uncomfortable.

Just so you know what I’m talking about I found another pic of some pointy toe pumps that I do approve of. Would I wear them, probably not. (Long toes anyone?) But I do at least think these look nice and attractive.

















I have plans to start with the Christmas decorations tonight so wish me luck!

Happy Friday!


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