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Can we talk about “the New JCPenny?”

I know a while back they decided to “slash” their prices but truth be told I probably haven’t been to a JCPenny in 5+ years.  I know I haven’t been since I moved to NC since the closest one is in North Hills, which isn’t on my normal shopping route. (And let’s be honest, JCPenny isn’t really a place I would shop.)  Last week however, I just happened to stumble across some fantastic glittery booties and I decided I MUST have them for my company holiday party this week.  I also found some really cute dresses for $20. $35 and $40.  (I’ll post pics of the whole outfit on Friday.)

On Saturday I hopped in the car and headed to North Hills to check out “the new” JCPenny.  I was a little overwhelmed when I first walked in the store.  It was a good bit bigger than I expected it to be but I found the shoe department fairly quickly.  I found my awesome booties and asked for my size.  The guy brought out the shoes but the 6.5 was a little tight, and I like my boots to be a little big, so I asked for a 7.  They were out of 7’s so I asked for a 7.5.  They are a bit big but nothing an insole can’t fix.

Once I paid for my shoes I decided to look for the dresses.  I was totally blown away!  Not really with their dresses per se but with their selection of clothing and more so by the prices.  Most everything I picked up was under $30.00.  I found several cute dresses that had good prices and tried them on.  I couldn’t settle on anything so I decided to keep browsing.  I kind of had my heart set on a pair of mini shorts and a top.  Everywhere I looked I saw something glittery so of course I was in heaven.

I spent the next hour and a half walking around the store picking up items to try on and looking at the multiple clearance racks that said $4.00 and up or 8.00 and up.  And for the most part the items on those racks were close to that price.  Not just like one item listed at 4.00 and the rest at 19.00.

Guys, this might be my new fave place to shop!  I’m not kidding.  Had I been looking for more than one outfit I probably could have spent $100.00 easy and come away with 4-5 outfits.  Most of the clothing I looked at was pretty good quality.  I didn’t feel it was super cheap like some places (I’m pointing at you Forever 21!)  I feel like I could buy items here that would last more than one season and it wouldn’t break the bank either.

So there, I’ve said it.  Go check out JCPenny!  You might be pleasantly surprised.  I know I was.  And just for the record, the North Hills store was pretty clean and orderly.  I can’t say the employees were super friendly nor were they dressed as nice as most retail places (most were in jeans) but this won’t stop me from going back.


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