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Time for a change?

A blog change that is.  It’s been about 3 months since I set the new blog up and while I like my current blog theme I feel like it might be time for a change.  {Holy Crap tomorrow will be 3 months!  Love ya hon!}  It took me a while to even find a theme I liked so I don’t imagine finding another one will be really easy.  Thankfully I bookmarked a link to hundreds of themes.  I guess I will start looking around to see what I can find.

Yes I know it’s Friday and there are no pics.  I’m awful.  I plan to go on a little road trip this weekend to take a few pics.  And by road trip I mean I want to run over to Edwards Mill {it’s a road, a road I drive on EVERYDAY} to take some pics of the cool little barn and then across the street are horses AND cows.  It’s a pretty busy little road and I don’t really want to stop on my way to or from work.  Plus there is a lot of tall grass and I’m not sure wedges would be my best defense against you know, snakes or something.  Hopefully it won’t be raining I will get a chance to take some good pics.  I love to take landscape pics.  I would love to make a coffee table book of old barns from all around.  Do people even still buy coffee table books?  Hmm.

Happy Friday!


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