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What did I do?

What did I do?

I bought tights today.  {shakes head}  But *I* pledge to wear them for good not trashiness, nor will my crotch show.  I will wear my tights under dresses and only under dresses.  These I will NOT wear even under long sweaters because I know the difference.  😉

But seriously a friend is having an at home reception tomorrow night and I needed a new dress plus my work Christmas party is in a few weeks and well what girl doesn’t need a few new dresses.  I ended up finding 2 that I really liked so I bought both of them.  One I plan to wear tomorrow night and the other for the Christmas party.  I think only one will really look good with tights though.

Since Matt and I have been super slackers in the pic taking department maybe we’ll take a few tomorrow night.  I can show off my new dress and Matt can show off his facial hair (in honor of Movember he is not shaving, we are both curious to see how it goes.)  😉


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