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What to do?

The great phone debate has hit our house.  iPhone vs. Android.  Currently I have the HTC incredible and honestly I think it is pretty darn incredible.  Granted it is my first smart phone but I love the functionality and more importantly I love the SIZE!  In world where “it’s a phone, it’s a tablet” is becoming the norm, I’m not really okay with that.  I have a tablet and I have a phone.  I don’t need a tablephone.  I don’t understand why the Android phones are continuing to get larger.  The 90’s aren’t back!  Give me a small, yet functional phone!  I need something that fits in my hand since I have attachment issues.  😉

Yesterday Matt informed me I was eligible for an upgrade and I could get the iphone if I wanted.  Basically I haven’t asked for a birthday present {hello I got an elliptical} so this is his, you can have this for your birthday if you want gift.  I am fine with that but I hadn’t expected my upgrade to be so soon.  I figured it would be a few months from.  I have not really prepared myself to make the switch.  AHHHH what do I do?  I could hang on to my incredible for a few more months in hopes of a smaller droid, or I could make the switch.

Anyone want to leave a comment with their vote?  you know you want to 😉



PS – in unrelated tech news, the travel blog is up!  we will try to update while on our cruise next week so i will not be updating here.  and if you are lucky i will blog about the cruise in the next day or so.  so stay tuned.


  • Brea

    I say iPhone all the way. I’ve had other smartphones prior to my first iPhone, and every time I’ve gotten an upgrade since the first iPhone I got it’s been an iPhone. I haven’t even considered anything else because I really think it’s the *perfect* phone. Besides, you’ll be able to message us all for free with iMessage with the iPhone AND play games with us 🙂

  • Heather

    Iphone 110%! I went from a lg chocolate with no internet to this & ive never been so attached to a phone! Nick has a droid and I Hate it, when he’s driving he’ll ask me to text on it or look something up, enter in navigation info, etc and it’s totally not user friendly, there’s a zillion menus it feels like & I think he’s secretly jealous of my iphone! He wants the cool apps that he can’t have (like instagram).

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