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There are so many other things I could be writing about right now but I am stuck on something I saw on FB this morning. As I was scrolling a video started to play, I wasn’t really trying to watch it but I caught something being thrown into water. I paused for a moment and realized it was a video of a girl with a 5 gal bucket of puppies and she was throwing them in a river. My heart immediately sank and my blood started to boil. My first thought was OMG poor puppies. The next was WHAT THE HELL is wrong with people?!?!? And then I realized it wasn’t just some asshole girl, but there was someone recording the whole thing.

What is wrong with people today? Who gets joy out of something like that? More than that, how do you decide that seems like fun? There is something about people hurting innocent animals that just makes me want to hurt them back. It’s one thing to pick on someone your own size but in this case we’re talking days old puppies.

It seems like you hear so many bad stories these days of violence towards animals, or children and it makes me sick. Sick to think there are people out there who have no conscience, no morals, no regard for right or wrong. I can’t help but wonder if society itself hasn’t increased the problem with the explosion of social media. Now anyone (and everyone) can have their 5 minutes of fame especially if it’s violent.

I want to add that I hope these people are caught and thrown in jail where bad things happen to them!


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