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A New fave (yup another mascara post)

I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to write a post about mascara!

A while back I wrote about my current favorite mascara, Revlon Lash Potion.  This stuff is pretty wonderful but it’s waterproof, like really waterproof.  Honestly I don’t really mind if my mascara doesn’t fully wash off at night.  I personally think you should wear mascara 24/7 but there comes a time when not washing off starts to make the next day’s mascara all clumpy.  I started to have this problem and instead of investing in makeup remover, I decided to buy a cheap non-waterproof mascara to wear under the Lash Potion.  Now, here’s the deal, if you wear a non-waterproof mascara under a waterproof mascara, your waterproof mascara will wash over easier.  There’s another added bonus to layering your mascara, it will make your lashes fuller.  You can really do this with any 2 different mascaras but the easier cleanup was my motivation.  I already have long, full eyelashes which also makes me super picky about mascara.  If you’ve read my blog for any length of time, you know I LOVE mascara!  I think it’s the Bee’s knees! 😉

So here’s what happened.  I ran to Target one day and started looking for some super cheap mascara.  I finally found the Rimmel Extra Super Lash for about $4.00.  Score!  This was in my target of how much I wanted to spend on “cheap” mascara.  Besides, this wasn’t the star of the show, the Lash Potion was right?  Wrong.

I got the Rimmel home and found it had a long skinny, tapered brush.  I usually prefer the fuller brushes but who cares right?  I applied the mascara and was pretty surprised at how awesome my lashes looked.  A little on the skinny side but this made them quite long.  I continued on with my plan and applied the Lash Potion over.  Overall it was okay, but not really what I was hoping for.  As the weeks went on, I found myself using the Rimmel more and more and the Lash Potion less and less.  I learned how to control the brush to make my lashes appear thicker and was pleasantly surprised that the non-waterproof formula had good staying power!  I could wear it all day with no smudges or smears and this is pretty impressive since I touch my eyes A LOT!  Don’t get me wrong, if it gets wet it’s going to run some but I don’t feel it’s as bad as some non-waterproofs (but really I wouldn’t know because I haven’t worn anything other than waterproof, like ever!)

Overall, I am super happy with my discovery!  I love happy accidents and in this case a cheap happy accident.  If you are like me and you love mascara definitely give the Rimmel a go.


I was going to include a pic but my mobile app is being a pain so, no pic.

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