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No Primer, No Problem!

No Primer, No Problem!

As you all know, I’ve recently become OBSESSED with make-up tutorials on Youtube.  Well, I have a few of my faves, but I also have a few others that I will occasionally check out.  GossMakeupArtist is one I occasionally watch.  Last week he posted a GREAT tip on how to make your foundation last.  Seeing as I’ve been having foundation issues, I wanted to know what his tip was.

Now, before I go into exactly what you do, I just want to say that after I watched the video I was totally skeptical.  So much so, that I refused to try this tip during the week.  I waited till the weekend so if things totally went South I could just start over.  But guys, it worked!  Like really worked!  So here’s what you need:

  • Moisturizer
  • Loose powder – translucent or colored (I use my Mineral Veil)
  • Powder Brush
  • Foundation

Okay, here goes.  Apply your moisturizer as usual, then while its still damp, apply a little bit of loose powder on top.  I tap out a small amount in the top, swirl my brush, and tap off the excess.  The key here is to not use too much.  Once you’ve powdered your face, you will apply your foundation.  If needed you can add a little more powder over your foundation.  (I have combo skin with an oily t-zone so I add a touch more powder to set the look.) Now I know, you aren’t supposed to use liquid over powder.  But it works!  Essentially you are creating a primer for your foundation.

Here’s what I like most about this tip.  You have all the stuff needed already.  Plus primers can be expensive.  I bought a NYX primer a few weeks ago and feel like I need to use it sparingly even though it was only like $12.00 because I have to use a lot.  The other good thing about this tip is, for me anyway, the moisturizer/powder combo also helps to smooth out my pores which helps your foundation sit better.

I’ve done this a few times since I saw it and I have to say, I’m impressed!  My foundation seems to stay on a good bit longer than before and I’m not getting as oily in my t-zone.  Not to mention it’s free!

Give it a try!


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