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A Post About Shoes

A Post About Shoes

Because let’s face it.  I am officially on vacation and well I’ve been too busy to do a Pinterest post. 🙁  Bad I know.  But anyhoo, I got new new shoes!  Woo hooo!

A few years ago I bought a super cute pair of black patent open toed, sling backs from Target.  They were awesome.  I wore them all the time and they looked amazing.  Well in true fashion I wore those puppies out.  Like I wore them long after the tip of the heel broke off.  Finally I knew I had to throw them away and I was pretty sad.  Anyway, I started looking a few weeks ago for another pair with no such luck.  And last night Matt and I were getting our clothes together when I figured out I couldn’t bring/wear a certain dress because I didn’t have shoes to match.

Today Matt and I were eating lunch before I ran to TJ Maxx to exchange a belt I got him a few weeks ago.  Turns out he needed a bigger size.  Shhh! 😉  As we were talking he was like “and find you another pair of black shoes.”  Okie dokie.  😀

I ran through the shoe section at TJ Maxx {have I mentioned they opened one down the street from my office?  Well they did and I LOVE it!}  I was just about to give up when I saw a super cute pair of nude open toed, sling backs by Jessica Simpson.  They were a size 6 and I decided, although a bit snug, they would work.  Then I turned the corner and realized they had a whole display of them, including a 6 1/2.  Score!  I tried those on and sure enough they fit like a glove sock.  Now I have super cute nude shoes.   I’d been thinking about nude shoes for a while and this pretty much made my decision for me.

Cute huh?


I noticed once I got home they have a bit more gold then I could see in the store.  In the store they were definitely nude.  Oh well.  You know I love gold shoes too. 😉


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