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A rant for equality!

I don’t normally post about things going on in the media but yesterday was national equality day.  Throughout the day numerous friends began changing their profile pictures on fb to the red equality sign.  I did my fair share of “liking” these but I had no intention of actually changing my pic.

Having been born in small town Mississippi and raised in smallish town Alabama, I grew up around strong “southern” values.  And by southern I mean small town southern – which to me was being Republican and of a strong religious background.  I feel I was pretty sheltered growing up and it wasn’t until I was in my 20’s that I really developed my own values.  What I believed in regardless of those around me.  At some point in time (probably while living in Austin) I learned to look at those ideals that were outside of my comfort zone.  And while I don’t agree with this or that I feel like I have a pretty solid foundation at this point.

With a little background out of the way, I will continue on the path I started.

As the day went on I saw more and more posts in favor of equality and each one made me smile to see the peers that had jumped on the bandwagon, as it were.  To be fair, I didn’t actually see any posts that were not in favor of equality though I saw a few people mention they had.  People were either speaking their minds in favor or being quiet, until last night.  As Matt and I were sitting on the couch watching The New Normal (which is a GREAT show about a gay couple and their surrogate) I was scrolling through FB when I came to one of most disgusting posts I had seen.















After I read this my blood began to boil!  What a rude and ignorant thing to say.  I just couldn’t fathom someone had the balls to actually say that on fb.  I am even more ashamed to admit this person is related to me.  Infuriated, I couldn’t even think of  a witty/snarky comment to make so I didn’t say anything.  And then I began to feel kind of bad that I didn’t respond so I posted my own fb status (passive aggressive for the win!)  and then I deleted her this morning.  I’m sure she saw my post and I hope she realizes it was about her at some point.  I know it’s catty and I’m fine with that.  This is my dad’s brother’s daughter.  She has her own issues, which she spews on fb regularly.  I haven’t seen her since I was maybe 5 so I know I’m not missing anything.

I think the thing that makes me the maddest though is the fact that she puts it out there for people to see that she is not a very good parent and then she has the audacity to criticize someone, anyone else.  That’s a really Christian thing to do! (The link is to a “Christian” site.)

Honestly, I don’t know why this is still an issue.  Being able to marry your partner, whether is it same sex or opposite sex, doesn’t affect ANYONE else!  Everyone, gay, straight, black, white, red, purple or green should have the same rights.  They should be able to marry the person of their choosing and enjoy the same benefits, whether it’s tax breaks,  medical insurance or providing for a child(ren) that straight people have.  What I am not saying is that churches should have to honor state provided weddings.  Churches are private organizations and should follow the rules that work best for them.  But at a State level, I don’t think the govt should say who can or cannot enjoy the benefits of being “married.”  If I get married in a church I STILL have to get a marriage certificate from the state for it to be legal, so is or should this really even be a problem or an issue?  I think not!



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