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A splash of color

A splash of color

I came home to a nicely painted house Friday afternoon.  Can I just say how nice it is to have this done?  It probably would have taken me and Matt quite a while to paint the whole area.  So it was really nice to go to work and come home to everything painted.  I’m not sure you can really see the color in the pics but I will post a few.  It’s a subtle difference but I think it really warms up the space and makes it look more finished.


As you can see we had this weird area where the wall and ceiling essentially met.  Matt and I really had no clue as to how to tie this area together.  The painter suggested this and I think it was probably our best option.


Over all I am pretty happy with the overall job.  There is one spot by the stairs that will need a touch up and there are several places above the kitchen cabinets that were missed.  Even though you can’t see them from the floor, I feel like we paid a lot of money and frankly I want it fixed.   I just need to email the painter and let him know.


~And let’s not forget today is our 9 monthiversary.  We are getting sooooo close to  a year.  Watch out! 😉

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