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Cuts and Color

This week has been crazy busy and isn’t going to slow down I don’t think.  Last night I got my hair cut.  I am really like the new stylist I am going to.  For a few weeks I’ve been eyeing this really cute cut I found on Pinterest.  It’s basically just a long bob but it’s adorable.  For the longest time I’ve been in “grow out” mode with my hair.  It finally hit me, it doesn’t matter if it’s long or short I never do anything fun with my hair.   I am a complete hair dunce so even when I try to style it it normally doesn’t work.  Since my hair is so fine and I rarely use product it is hard to make things stay. (Maybe I should use more product.)

Anyway I finally decided to just go for it and cut an inch or so off and get the bob.  I showed my stylist the pic and she gave me something similar that works for my hair. So far I love my new style.  It falls just how I wanted around the bottom and I think it will grow up pretty cute too.  I even went and bought some product {shocker} today.

Tomorrow the painters are coming.  I am so excited.  Matt and I just spent about an hour moving all the stuff around and off the walls.  I can’t wait to get home tomorrow and see how good everything looks.  We are having both stairways and the main floor done.  This just leaves the three bedrooms and two bathrooms upstairs.  Once the painting is done I can finally get new carpet.  OMG I never thought I would be excited about carpet but I am really excited for new carpet.  Don’t get me wrong I am happy about paint too.  I hope this will start to make our house feel a little more like home.


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  • Brea

    Awesome! I can’t wait to see your new hair cut in person in a little over a week! 🙂

    Coming home to a freshly painted house and not having to do any of the work is one of the greatest things ever! Enjoy 😀

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