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  • I am currently dreaming….

    of a new bed.  Hehe!  For a while now I’ve wanted new bedroom furniture but after paying for carpet I don’t think buying a full set is in the cards.  However, I think I’ve convinced Matt to buy a new bed.  He really wants a King size bed and I really want a Tempurpedic mattress (not a real one because those things are $$$$ but a nice fake one from Ikea would do.)

    Currently I have my eye on a bed from West Elm.  They are opening a new store in the Southpoint Mall in Durham next week I think.  This will be great because we can check it out and make sure it’s what I want, but I think it is.  I’ve been coming back to fabric headboards.  It just seems like they are in style and a little more versatile.  We will get a dark base and then when the time comes we can buy the rest of the furniture.  My only complaint is I don’t really like any of the coordinating furniture from West Elm so this means, when the time comes, we will have to find something else that matches.  I think we will be okay though.

    I really do like this look.  I also like how low to the floor the base is.  This will keep the kiddos from getting under the bed.  But it also eliminates any sort of under bed storage.  We desperately need more storage in our bedroom for sure. Oh well, that’s why we need new furniture.  🙂


  • Guest bathroom – a sort of makeover

    Over the weekend I was apparently super productive, okay not really but from the pics it looks like I was. 😉  A few weeks ago I decided I wanted a new shower curtain for the guest bathroom.  I cannot, for the life of me, figure out what color I want to paint the guest bathroom so I decided a new shower curtain might help.  Don’t get me wrong, I liked the one I had, but I just wasn’t really digging it anymore.

    Matt and I were at Target a week or so ago and I decided to browse the shower curtains.  I pretty much knew I was coming home with one but I was surprised at the assortment they had.  The one I originally had my eye on just didn’t compare to a few others I found.  I finally decided on a tealish blue one with geometric print.  I really really like it.  I feel like it really brightens up the bathroom.  I plan to keep the brown rug but I am going to replace the decorative towels (shhh don’t tell Matt).  Then I need to paint.  And then I will accessorize.  So basically it’s like half done.  🙂



  • In the closet

    I think I mentioned in my carpet post that I had plans to rearrange the closet when we got everything back in order.  Well I did just that on Saturday.  We bought a shoe holder shelf for the closet and I’ve been waiting for Matt to put it in before we moved everything back to the closet.

    The shelf we bought turned out to be a little too big for the closet so Matt cut in down and then installed it.  It’s low and slanted so it doesn’t get in the way of our clothes but it is high enough off the floor that we can put shoes under it too.  Mainly this is now where all of my shoes are.  Matt’s shoes are in a shoe holder hanging on the door.  {Basically we both have too many shoes!}

    This is right after we put the shelf in.

    The shelf with my shoes.

    The closet back in order.


    I know it’s still kind of messy but there is only so much you can do with 2 people and 1 small closet. Anyway, I said I rearranged and I did. Before we had 2 plastic bins on the left hand side, to the front of the closet. This is our “dressing station.” Basically where we throw our jeans at night. 😉 Then Matt had this shorts and pants behind the bins. On the right bottom side he had all of his polo type shirts. I didn’t feel this was the best use of our space and, well I rearranged without him so I put stuff back where I wanted it. I moved the bins to the right hand side and now all of his clothes are to the left. My clothes are now along the back wall and on the top right shelf. To me, the closet feels a little more spacious and it allows me easier access to my shoes.

    Oh and I just wanted to mention the shelving cost us about $20.00.  This was much cheaper then other shoe holders and to me, gives us a lot more space.


  • Our weekend – in pics

    Okay so I really have no inspiration right now so you get videos and pics!  😉  But in my defense we did a lot this weekend and I think pics are really the less boring way to get through this.

    As I mentioned we bought a new patio set and I love it!  It is just what we needed.  The deck isn’t that big so we didn’t need a really big set.  In fact I don’t think we really even needed 4 chairs, hence we bought 2 (see Friday’s post for pics.)

    Then on Saturday we painted our guest room, finally!  I feel like this was one pain after the other.  First, I’m an idiot and got the wrong color.  Oopsy.  Thankfully it is a color I absolutely LOVE!  It’s our downstairs color called Tempered Allspice by Valspar.  I had planned to paint this room our all over color, Mesa something I think.  Then we ran out of paint about halfway through the second coat.  Luckily we had 2 more cans downstairs.  Unluckily, we noticed the old can of paint seemed to be just a touch lighter.  Grrr!  The only thing we can think of is the first coat had primer in it but the second didn’t.  I didn’t think that would affect the color but clearly I was wrong so after 2 coats I was done.  Well Matt is totally anal and decided by the time we ran to Lowe’s to get another little can with primer he could just repaint the whole room.  I told him I did not like this idea and I wasn’t helping.  And no I don’t feel bad.  We could have gone over the edges later.  Anyway here is the almost finished product. I just need to change the bed skirt and hang curtains, which I have.


    On Sunday I planted some begonia’s out front.  We have this weird little strip between the driveway and the porch so I decided it needed a little color.  I think they look great.  Now I just need them to live. 🙂



    And a cute pic of the daredevil himself.  This is where I found him when I came inside last night.  And no, this is NOT where he should be!


    Happy Tuesday!


  • For your viewing pleasure!

    Matt and I were super busy this weekend. We got the guest room painted, bought a new patio set, and I planted some flowers out front. But it appears we have some leaky toilets so instead of showing you all the cool stuff we did I’m going to post a video of Julio sporting his new harness.

    Dumbass channeled his inner Puss in Boots and jumped off the deck Friday night. It’s only about 15 feet to the ground. Thankfully he was fine but now he’s sporting a cool new kitty harness.

    Happy Monday!

    ~ k

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  • A splash of color

    I came home to a nicely painted house Friday afternoon.  Can I just say how nice it is to have this done?  It probably would have taken me and Matt quite a while to paint the whole area.  So it was really nice to go to work and come home to everything painted.  I’m not sure you can really see the color in the pics but I will post a few.  It’s a subtle difference but I think it really warms up the space and makes it look more finished.


    As you can see we had this weird area where the wall and ceiling essentially met.  Matt and I really had no clue as to how to tie this area together.  The painter suggested this and I think it was probably our best option.


    Over all I am pretty happy with the overall job.  There is one spot by the stairs that will need a touch up and there are several places above the kitchen cabinets that were missed.  Even though you can’t see them from the floor, I feel like we paid a lot of money and frankly I want it fixed.   I just need to email the painter and let him know.


    ~And let’s not forget today is our 9 monthiversary.  We are getting sooooo close to  a year.  Watch out! 😉

  • Cuts and Color

    This week has been crazy busy and isn’t going to slow down I don’t think.  Last night I got my hair cut.  I am really like the new stylist I am going to.  For a few weeks I’ve been eyeing this really cute cut I found on Pinterest.  It’s basically just a long bob but it’s adorable.  For the longest time I’ve been in “grow out” mode with my hair.  It finally hit me, it doesn’t matter if it’s long or short I never do anything fun with my hair.   I am a complete hair dunce so even when I try to style it it normally doesn’t work.  Since my hair is so fine and I rarely use product it is hard to make things stay. (Maybe I should use more product.)

    Anyway I finally decided to just go for it and cut an inch or so off and get the bob.  I showed my stylist the pic and she gave me something similar that works for my hair. So far I love my new style.  It falls just how I wanted around the bottom and I think it will grow up pretty cute too.  I even went and bought some product {shocker} today.

    Tomorrow the painters are coming.  I am so excited.  Matt and I just spent about an hour moving all the stuff around and off the walls.  I can’t wait to get home tomorrow and see how good everything looks.  We are having both stairways and the main floor done.  This just leaves the three bedrooms and two bathrooms upstairs.  Once the painting is done I can finally get new carpet.  OMG I never thought I would be excited about carpet but I am really excited for new carpet.  Don’t get me wrong I am happy about paint too.  I hope this will start to make our house feel a little more like home.


  • Toilets and fixtures

    About a year and a half ago our upstairs (and by upstairs I mean our main floor) toilet began to leak.  One weekend while Matt’s parents were up he and his dad decided to fix the toilet.  They took the tank off to replace the seal.  As they were putting it back on Matt over tightened one of the nuts and BAM!  A corner of the tank broke off.  I was sitting in the den when I heard a THUD, WHOOSH!  Of course all the water poured out of the tank to the floor.  Once the mess was cleaned up Matt decided that instead of just buying a new tank or toilet he would just replace it with the tank from the downstairs bathroom.  Not really a big deal considering we never use that toilet.

    Now a year and a half later we just now bought a new toilet.  We still need to finish painting downstairs so at some point Matt will remove the old broken toilet and I will paint the bathroom.  Oh joy!

    This weekend while we were at Lowe’s looking for toilets we also looked at new bathroom fixtures.  I had looked on the website earlier in the week and found something I thought would work pretty well that wasn’t too expensive.  As it turns out, Lowe’s is in the process of discontinuing most of their chrome fixtures.  Dammit!  It’s not that I mind the brushed nickel or the oil rubbed bronze it’s just those are quite a bit more then I really want to spend.  I guess we will be making a trip to Home Depot soon.