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Another birthday cake fail!

Grrrr!  Saturday was Matt’s birthday.  We’ve been together for 4 of his birthdays so far and I would say 3 have ended in cake fail.  I have no idea what it is.  I *can* bake.  I can bake well actually but his birthday cakes always turn into some sort of disaster.

The first year I was in the process of moving so I had to buy new cake forms.  This is commonly referred to as the Grand Canyon cake.  (The link will show all the cakes.)  The next year I decided to play with fondant.  It turned out eh, okay.  The red velvet wasn’t dense enough to hold the wait of the fondant.  The next year the cake was okay.  Well this year I told him I would make red velvet cupcakes.  We would take them to our tail gate.  Our tail gate was kind of lame and the cupcakes, which started out in the shade, ended up in the sun before I knew it.  Next thing I know the icing has completely melted everywhere!  Ughh!  Thankfully I had put a few back for later so when we go home we had decent cupcakes.  (Oh and by the way I didn’t even bother taking pics.)

It’s just annoying that I keep failing his birthday cakes.

Anyway I hope he had a great birthday!  Love ya Matte!


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