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The package has arrived!

And by package I mean my parents.  They pulled in to Raleigh around 2:30.  Their first stop was the storage unit to unload some stuff off the trunk.  Then I guess they will try to get into their apartment.  Since they are so close to my office I am going to run by after work and see them for a few minutes.  Then I am off to Target to pick up a few essentials.  Matt is going to Fresh Market for steaks.  We are just going to grill out for his birthday.  Honestly this makes my day a lot easier.  Now I won’t have to rush home to get ready for dinner.  Plus I have to make his cupcakes for the tailgate tomorrow.  Needless to say it will be a busy night.

I am so ready to leave right now.  It is beautiful outside, and well, I have stuff to do!  Hurry up 5:00.


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