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The crud

On Saturday Matt and I went to the NC State game.  A few of our friends had their small children with them so of course Matt and I have fun playing with them.  Matt was lucky enough to get to hold Taylor who is almost 2 for most of the 1st quarter while I played with Thomas who is 4.

I love little kids and I love playing with them until, until their little kid germs get on you.  Honestly I have no idea where this stupid head cold came from (it’s been going around) but I am NOT enjoying it at all!  It started maybe Sunday night and I woke up with a sore throat on Monday.  Tuesday was pretty much the same but I could fee the congestion in my head so I stopped by the drug store for some Sudafed on my way home.  I knew I wouldn’t sleep great if I took one so late but I knew I needed to get something in my system.  Needless to say I did not sleep well that night.

Wednesday morning I took more Sudafed and decided I would take Nyquil and Afrin before bed.  Ahhh.  I slept much better last night but as soon as I got up my head stopped right back up.  Boo!  Thankfully I don’t really feel that bad aside from not being able to breathe.  So that’s good.  I just hope I can kick this crap to the curb and soon.  And I hope Matt doesn’t get it.  He’s already said he’s going to be a big baby if he gets it.


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