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It’s a football post

About two weeks ago Auburn fired their current head coach Gene Chizik.  After an embarrassing 3-9 season it was time for him to go.  No one should really be surprised since his record was 5-19 when he was hired a few years ago.  Fans were so upset they actually boo’ed him getting off the plane when he was hired.  Then came the 2010 season.  Chizik, along with super star player Cam Newton, led the Tigers to a perfect season that was capped off with a Nation Championship.

The next year Cam left and the team was not the same but they did not have the terrible season we faced this year.  I stopped watching the games because we looked awful.  It was like watching a train wreck and you could do nothing about it.  Even my crazy football superstitions weren’t enough to help.

Needless to say the fan base was not sad to see Chizik receive his walking papers.  Then the hunt for a new coach began.  Several names were thrown around, each of which stirred some sort of emotion with the fans.  I had a few ideas of who I would like but I figured our AD wouldn’t make the best choice.  When you have a powerhouse school like Alabama a few miles up the road you really need to think about who can bring your school back to a competitive level.  But I don’t want competitive!  I want a coach who is going to come in and DOMINATE!  (I guess every school hopes this but I feel like it should be Auburn.)

Last night it was announced that former Auburn OC and current head coach for Arkansas State Gus Malzahn had been hired.  Okay so we could do worse right?  Sure.  But could we do better?  Hell yeah!  Granted Gus was at Auburn for the 2010 season and National title but he’s only been a college head coach for one year!  To me, he has yet to prove himself.  For the most part the fans seemed to welcome Gus back to the Plains but only time will tell what will really happen.  Is he “the” guy?  Will he take us back to a NC?  Will he beat our rivals?  At this point I guess he just needs to win more than 3 non conference games.

Only time will tell where our program will go but if we want chance, we need a change and we need to start at the top.  I’m looking at you AD Jay Jacobs!  May your time on the Plains is short!


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