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After I burnt the hell out of my hands trying to curl my hair I went and got it cut.  In the process my stylist added more layers. I normally have a decent amount of layers in my hair but the last haircut, we cut some of them out and went with a few long layers.  Long layers aren’t really good for helping my hair curl.  Well on Saturday, I showered and then went downstairs to eat some breakfast.  This turned into me sitting on the couch interneting for a while too.  By the time I got upstairs to put on my make-up and dry my hair, my hair was almost dry.  And curly.  Like really curly.  So I went with it.  I hit my roots with some heat and straighten out my bangs.  I then added a little water in a few spots that were a little less curly.  What’dya know?  I have curly hair again! So explain to me why I’ve been burning the shit out of my hands trying to curl it?  HAHA!

This weekend

My hair used to curl like this all the time a few years ago.  It was affectionately named my “porn hair” several years ago.  I’m not sure what it is about me with curly hair but men seem to like it, a lot.  To the point of being a little creepy. (My husband is excluded from this group.)  Anyway, I stopped wearing it curly for a really long time, mainly because a coworker always make comments when I wore that way.  Said co-worker no longer works with me so it doesn’t really matter anymore.  I feel like I might start to wear my hair curlier now.  I’m kind of ready for a change but cutting my hair is not an option.  I’ve worked too hard to get it as long as it so currently.  It’s probably close to as long as it’s ever been.  YAY!!!  So curly hair is the one thing I can do that is a change without going shorter.

curly hair
This is from 2007. I love these waves.


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