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Curling Iron = 1, Kelly = 1

The other day I decided to try and curl my hair. It was getting kind of late and I put minimal effort into it. I’d done my homework, watching numerous Youtube videos, and thought I could do it. Several really bad burns later I ditched my effort with only about half my hair done. It didn’t look great and my finger was hurting pretty bad.

About 10 mins after my failed attempt I looked down and noticed I had a nice blister forming on my finger. BOOO! šŸ™


I was kind of bummed over my failed attempt but decided to give it another go on Saturday. Matt and I didn’t have any plans so I figured if it flopped it was no big deal. Much to my surprise, it actually turned out pretty well! AND I managed to not burn the hell out of my hand this time. After the first try I really thought about what I was doing and realized I should be holding my curling iron differently. You see, I’m using my curling iron as a curling wand since I think it’s ridiculous to buy a wand when my curling iron will do basically the same thing. I figured out that for the right side of my head I should hold the iron/wand with my left hand and wrap the hair around with my right hand and vice versa for the other side. YAY! (Sometimes I can be smart!)

Curly hair, don’t care!
This is my burn a few days later. Hello scar!


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  • Amie

    Looks great! I have done the same thing with my curling iron because I don’t feel like buying the wand. I tend to end up burning my ear or forehead..ouch!

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