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Finishing Touches – House Update

Matt and I ran over to the house on Sunday morning but I think we went too early.  No one was working so we were unable to get in.  The biggest thing I noticed as soon as we drove up was the mailbox!!!!  YAY!!! Needless to say I was pretty darn excited about that. We had grass in the front yard and the door had been painted.  Unfortunately the door was black.  I emailed the builder’s agent and was told there was a “paperwork” issue.  She said my paint color had been approved and the door would be repainted to the correct color.


image4 (2)

As we walked around we noticed there were a lot of spots that had been filled/repaired on the front porch.  It makes me happy to see they are noticing some of the same small details and correcting them before we even notice.  I did notice one of the railings on the screen porch is lower on one side than the other.  I’m sure the builder will see and correct this before I mention it but at this point it looks like we are in the home stretch.

I was also told the new vanity is in!  The builder’s agent said she walked over on Saturday and it looked really good.  I’m really excited to see it.  I plan to go over at lunch one day this week. I’m currently working from home due to icy roads so I don’t think it will happen today.

Speaking of the ensuite bathroom, aside from finding a mirror, which I can’t do until I see the vanity, I have everything ready for that bathroom.  I found a shower curtain on clearance at Kirklands for $8.00.  They also had a picture that coordinated and after some debate I went back and bought it.  I basically got the bathroom done for under $35.00.  I liked the shower curtain so much I decided to put it up now while we show this house.  I think it really looks great!  My vision for that room is coming together nicely.  🙂



In other news, we are planning to list our current house either tomorrow or Friday but we already have a showing for tomorrow.  We decided to do a “coming soon” listing and were able to schedule an early viewing. 🙂


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