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Friday fun day?

Friday fun day?

Last night the girls has our 3rd annual ornament exchange.  This is really fun and I love the tradition we’ve started.  It’s fun to go out and buy a cute ornament.  Pier 1 is my fave store for this.  The past 2 years I’ve ended up with really great ornaments.  Last year I got a super cute bell snowman and this year I got a red ball with silver glittery reindeer.  🙂  Now I just need to hang my new ornament on the tree.

I had the day off today so this morning I took Hal to the vet.  She’s been throwing up a good bit lately and I thought it was time to get her checked out.  The vet did some blood work and will let me know the results on Monday.  She also found 2 of her top teeth are really bad.  She said the tooth decay could be causing her to be sick.  My guess is that she isn’t chewing well and it’s making her sick. 🙁  I guess as long as her blood work comes back okay she will go back to the vet in January to have her teeth cleaned and possibly have the 2 bad teeth removed.  Poor girl.  I know she’s getting old but if that will help her feel better we will do it.

Matt and I have also noticed she seems to be walking a little gingerly and the vet confirmed that she has come cartilage wear in her front left leg.  I got her some medicine that should help with repair and she’s also now going to get a little canned food since the med is a powder.  (She LOVES canned food!)

After an oh so fun trip to the vet I ran to the salon to get my hair cut.  I think I really like my new stylist.  A few more cuts and I will know for sure.  Then I hit the UPS store to mail mom and dad’s Christmas gifts.  Unfortunately they may not make it in time. 🙁  That’s what I get for buying dad an odd shaped gift.  One quick trip to the mall and Christmas shopping was officially DONE!  I got home and wrapped presents and I am ready for the holiday!

Wow I feel like I was busy today!


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