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One floor down

Two more to go until I can get new carpet!  WOO HOO!  Over the weekend Matt and I finally finished painting the downstairs.  {We still have the bonus room but I’m not concerned with that right now.}  Matt said we had to paint before we could get new carpet.  I guess that makes sense.  I had really hoped to get all of this done in the fall but football season made it difficult.  Now that football is over we should have quite a few open weekends.

We both took Wednesday off so we will start painting up the stairs.  This should be an adventure since it’s a stairway and we don’t really have a ladder that will work. 😉  Still I am very excited to get moving on this project.  Not to mention we are repainting the WHOLE house.  Yesh I get tired just thinking about the fact we have 2 more floors.  Well technically we have 2 stairways and 3 bedrooms.  We’ll finish all the carpeted rooms first and then work on the main floor since that is hardwood.

I’ll start posting pics as we go, maybe. 😉


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