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Toilets and fixtures

About a year and a half ago our upstairs (and by upstairs I mean our main floor) toilet began to leak.  One weekend while Matt’s parents were up he and his dad decided to fix the toilet.  They took the tank off to replace the seal.  As they were putting it back on Matt over tightened one of the nuts and BAM!  A corner of the tank broke off.  I was sitting in the den when I heard a THUD, WHOOSH!  Of course all the water poured out of the tank to the floor.  Once the mess was cleaned up Matt decided that instead of just buying a new tank or toilet he would just replace it with the tank from the downstairs bathroom.  Not really a big deal considering we never use that toilet.

Now a year and a half later we just now bought a new toilet.  We still need to finish painting downstairs so at some point Matt will remove the old broken toilet and I will paint the bathroom.  Oh joy!

This weekend while we were at Lowe’s looking for toilets we also looked at new bathroom fixtures.  I had looked on the website earlier in the week and found something I thought would work pretty well that wasn’t too expensive.  As it turns out, Lowe’s is in the process of discontinuing most of their chrome fixtures.  Dammit!  It’s not that I mind the brushed nickel or the oil rubbed bronze it’s just those are quite a bit more then I really want to spend.  I guess we will be making a trip to Home Depot soon.


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