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Happy Thanksgiving

In the spirit of the holidays I’m going to *try* to blog more.  I won’t say work has settled down yet but I’m hoping it will.

Mom and dad moved into their new house about 2 weeks ago.  When they found it, I told mom they were having Thanksgiving if they were in by then.  They were, so we did.  Mom invited Matt’s parents as well so we had a nice family Thanksgiving.

Thursday morning Matt helped me pack my car with all the things I would need to cook my dishes –  mac & cheese, corn casserole, and homemade rolls.  Mom picked up the rest of the items I would need for sweet potatoes and mashed potatoes.  I got to their house around 10:30 and we started cooking.  Well actually we walked around the house and mom showed me what she’d been up to with decorating.  Then we I started cooking.  We cooked, watched TV and talked, cooked a little more and by 3:00 almost everything was ready to be put in the oven.  Matt and his parent’s arrived and the ladies finished up the last of the cooking.  Dad had to work till 3:00 so he fried the turkey on Wednesday however, it worked out well because we weren’t trying to cook while he was trying to cook/fry/cut a turkey.

Around 5:00 everything was hot and ready to go.  We had a nice dinner.  After we sat around and watched football for a while.  Finally around 8:30 Matt and I and his parents headed back to our house.  We threw in a movie and I proceeded to pass out.  Talk about tired.

Friday his parents left and I convinced Matt to run to Garden Ridge to look for a new taller Christmas tree.  Little did I know, they don’t do black Friday deals!  BOOO!  I knew it didn’t look crazy busy when we drove up.  Anyway, we found something we needed for a gift but came away empty handed on the Christmas tree.

I think Saturday needs it’s own post. 😉  If you know me you know why!  WAR EAGLE!


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