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The Iron Bowl

If you saw yesterday’s post then today’s should be no surprise.   So what is the Iron Bowl you ask?  It’s only THE biggest game of the year between Auburn and Alabama.  It is a very long and deep seated  rivalry.  Obviously they are much better when Auburn is victorious! 😉

Last year Alabama rolled over what was possibly the WORST Auburn team in history.  No seriously, we sucked!  I think our record was 2-8.

After a rough season, our coach was fired and a new one hired.  Gus Malzahn was the offensive coordinator when Auburn won the National Title a few years back.  Gus was brought back to revive the team.  At the start of the season I really didn’t have high hopes.  I figured we might go 7-3 possibly 8-2.  Not great but anything is better than last year.

We started the season okay with an unfortunate loss to LSU but kept moving.  When the day came for the Texas A&M game I told Matt, “I just want to score points.”   And then something happened.  Auburn pulled out the win in the last minutes of the game.  Holy cow!  We WON!  Then came the Georgia game.  The AU/UGA game is also a rivalry game.  I was on a work call that afternoon and barely paying attention.  I didn’t figure Auburn would win.  Then a miracle happened.  A long pass down field…..to UGA…..they tipped the ball……right into the hands on and Auburn player!  TOUCHDOWN AUBURN!!!!!!!  Matt and I were jumping up and down screaming!  It was just so unbelievable!

Auburn headed to the Iron Bowl ranked #4 at 10-1, Bama ranked #1 at 10-0.  Damn!  Again I told Matt, “I just want to score points.”  The game was close going back and forth.  For some reason I had a feeling Auburn was going to win even though the score was tied with a minute left.  I didn’t feel like going to overtime but Bama had the ball.  A play was run and the runner out of bounds.  Bama fought to get one second put back on the clock and bought out the field goal unit.  Mind you, Bama hadn’t made a field goal the whole day.  At an impossible 56 yards, they send out a freshman kicker.  And then it happened…………..He missed!!!!  Oh wait, the Auburn guy in the end zone caught it……….and he runs, right up the field.  TOUCHDOWN AUBURN!!!!!!!!!!!  Holy shit! We just won on an even more unbelievable play than against UGA!

After numerous screams, fb updates,  and texts we got ready for dinner.  I was still shaking for almost an hour after.  The. game. of. the year!  By far.

And that my friends it the glory of the Iron Bowl.  (My heart rate may be slightly elevated just thinking about it. :))

That was my Saturday!


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