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Thank you

Thank you

Just 2 simple words but somewhere somehow they seem to get lost.  I find this true day in a day out.  Not very willingly I sometimes work with customers and there are times I feel I will go out of my way to help them with something.  I always think it’s great to get that “thank you!” email in return but mostly I find I get this email from the random customer I did very little for.  The customer’s I’ve bent over backwards for continue on their way without so much as a thanks.  {I remember this too.}

A few weeks ago I had someone randomly contact me regarding our travel agent via facebook.  The girl had questions about the agent and St Lucia.  I feel I went above and beyond to respond to her with helpful answers.  I mean I wrote a nice sized message in return with activities, links to my wedding pics and my personal pics of St. Lucia.  You know what I got…..a big fat NADA!  Not a thanks so much, thank you that is great info, or even just thanks!  I’m not gonna lie, it really pissed me off.  Like I sat there and took the time to be nice to a stranger and I can’t get a thank you?!?!  Well f*** you too!

It’s not hard to say thanks, it doesn’t even really take that much time of effort.  For crying out loud it’s TWO measly little words.  Granted I know I’m not perfect and I’m sure there are times in my life where a thank you was warranted and went unsaid.  With that said I do feel like I try pretty hard to say thanks when thanks is due.

And while I’m on this subject I just have to throw this out there.  A few months ago a friend got married and had an at home reception.  She told me “do not get a gift I hate writing thank yous.”  HA! So I made her a gift. 😉  I did it just because and I knew I would not get a thank you card nor did I expect one.  {She did thank me for the gift while chatting a few days later.}  But then, what did I receive in the mail a few days later, a thank you card which I totally did not expect.  🙂  I was really touched knowing how she felt.

So see people, it’s not that damn hard!!!!  It’s just not hard especially if you receive a gift that was shipped to you.  At least that way the person who sent the gift knows you received it!

And rant/soapbox over.







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