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I make art!

I think I mentioned a few days ago that I was in the process of trying to find something to put over our bed.  I’d looked at a few fabric stores but I couldn’t find anything I really liked.  Today during lunch I decided to run to Michael’s.  I figured if nothing else I could go ahead and find some frames.  Boy was I in luck because all their frames were 40-50% off.  SCORE!  I managed to find 4 frames I really liked and with the discount they would be about $15.00 each and I needed 4.

Above is my inspiration pic but at $88.00 each buying 4 would have been silly.  Obviously this pic is pretty awesome but I just couldn’t justify that kind of price.  I knew I should be able to do something similar for a lot less.  I just needed to find it.

While I was at Michael’s I started browsing the scrapbook section.  They have TONS of paper and I figured there had to be something I thought might work.  After looking for a while I finally came across a book of paper.  Out of the 180 sheets I found a few pieces I thought would work.  There was only one real problem, they only had 3 of each page.  GRRR!  This would mean one of two things, either I used 2 different prints or I would have to use 4 different prints.  I wasn’t sure how I would feel about either of these options.  On top of that the book itself was $12.00.  Not a bad price really for all that paper but I don’t scrapbook so I would probably have a book of paper sitting around for a while.  I decided to check out the individual pieces of paper.  A few minutes of looking and I found something I really liked.  It had all the right colors and for a $0.50 a piece I was sold.

I’m pretty proud of my DIY artwork and for $66.00 and change it is a great deal.

Sorry for the craptastic pic.  It was a quick cell pic.

As you can see I was trying to decide between matted and plain.  In the end Matt’s choice of matted won out.  I think once we get the walls painted they will really pop.

I will post more pics once we get them hung this weekend.


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