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It’s been about a year

Since I got off my anxiety meds.  I think it was around this time last year that I cut the ties and decided to face my anxiety head on.  I was thinking about what I could write and I was pretty sure I had written about stopping before.  Well lo and behold I did write a post about my anxiety about 6 or 7 months ago.  Shockingly it was pretty much exactly what I was going to say again.  {Glad I found it.}

Anyway I’m pretty sure January is the one year mark and I must say I think I’m doing really well.  Sure I’ve had a few episodes but for the most part I rarely even think about it now.  {YAY me!}

What really made me think of this is the doctor who helped me.  I feel like she gave me the encouragement I needed to stop or even to try to stop.  This very same doctor has also gone MIA.  I saw her a few weeks ago, she ordered some labs, and now I can’t find her.  Thankfully it was nothing too important but still, I paid for a service and she hasn’t honored her end.  I’m not sure what’s next.  I’ve never really had a doctor up and disappear.


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