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Just another Monday

Nothing like leaving your laptop at home to start your Monday!  I got all the way to work before I realized my computer was at the house.  I called Matt but he was already gone.  Ughh!  Thirty minutes later I was back at the office up and running.

Our weekend was pretty unproductive.  It was entirely too hot all weekend to do anything but we still ran a few errands on Saturday.  We heard the Room Store down the street from us was going out of business so I wanted to stop by and see what they had.  I am still on the hunt for bedroom furniture and if I could find a set on clearance, that would be great.  As we were passing we noticed the store wasn’t open so we continued on to Petsmart.

Sunday was much of the same.  We ran to the grocery and looked to see if the Room Store was open.  No such luck.  We’re going to have to figure this out though because I want to check out what they have.  There was also record heat yesterday.  The temps got up to 105.8 at RDU for a little while.  Umm, that is just TOO damn hot!  Thankfully it’s supposed to cool off this week.

I also finished book 3 of the Fifty Shades series.  I’m thinking this might be a record for me.  I am super slow reader so 3 books in 2ish weeks.  That’s pretty good.  I will say I enjoyed the books, mommy porn aside, there was a decent plot and I don’t feel so bad for getting sucked in.  😉


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