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Ranty owls?

Seriously, how hard is it to just do your job and do it well?  It continues to amaze me how people just “forget” to do something.  Something freaking so simple.  GRRRRR!  *small rant over*

In other news I have found the cutest (I hope) owl sewing template.  I was inspired by my friend Christi over at Beach Dreams and Love Always.  She posted the cutest little owl yesterday on Facebook. (She is an amazing sewer, too bad she doesn’t live close to me. 🙁   It has inspired me to make one of my own.  I found a template last night on Pinterest and I’m going to print it off today at work.  Then, well we’ll see how it actually turns out.  I’m still not feeling super great with my sewing abilities.  I think it would help to have someone show me how to use my machine.  I think I’m a better hands on kind of person.  Reading things and trying to figure out isn’t really good for me.

According to the weather report it should be nice and rainy this week, and well there is a complete lack of TV shows on right now, so hopefully I can hole myself up in the bonus room for a little while to knock this little owl out of the park.  I’ll post pics when I’m done.


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