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Let’s take a trip

Currently Matt and I are trying to decide where we would like to go for our 2nd anniversary.  Holy cow, it’s almost been TWO whole years!  Watch out! 😉  Anyway, our/my first choice was Quebec City but after looking at flights prices are too high right now.  Now our list consists of Chicago (which I think is the front runner), Boston, Maine (which Matt is not keen on), or maybe someplace beachy like Mexico.

The only real criteria for our trip is we would like someplace we haven’t been before, a relatively short and inexpensive flight, and somewhere that would be good for a long weekend with stuff to do.  Clearly if we went Maine it would be more of a quiet nature type trip.  If we went to Chicago or Boston, there would be tons of things to do and if we went tropical there would be the beach.  Now we just have to decide where to go.

Last night we were watching The New Girl on Fox and they were talking about the various anniversary gifts.  Matt and I decided last year that our trip to NYC was our gift so we didn’t get each other an actual gift, just cards.  Honestly I kind of like this idea.  I mean we can buy what we want when we want.  We joked last year that the plane tickets were our paper gift.  So this year I think we will have to get t-shirts from our destination.  The second anniversary gift is cotton.  🙂  I told Matt I think it would be cool to do the “traditional” gifts without being traditional.  I guess I’m also assuming we will try to take a trip around our anniversary every year.  I mean it’s in the spring and what better time to go on a trip right?


PS I’m still working on my bathroom.  The stuff I got yesterday didn’t work so it was returned today. Now I have to run back to the Container Store and work it out.

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