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Let’s take a trip

Currently Matt and I are trying to decide where we would like to go for our 2nd anniversary.  Holy cow, it’s almost been TWO whole years!  Watch out! 😉  Anyway, our/my first choice was Quebec City but after looking at flights prices are too high right now.  Now our list consists of Chicago (which I… Read More Let’s take a trip


Oh carpal tunnel

You are so not my friend.  I’m not sure what has happened over the past few days but OMG my wrist hurts.  I went to Target on Monday and bought a brace but it’s pretty cheap and I’m not sure it really does much.  I can’t seem to get it quite as tight as I… Read More Oh carpal tunnel


New York, New York!

Matt booked our tickets to NYC yesterday!  Woo hoo!  Since I’ve never been we decided to spend our 1st anniversary in New York.  We will be doing all the fun sight-seeing and general touristy stuff.  Matt has also apparently made a pretty cool map with tons of food, sights, and parks.  Our goal for the… Read More New York, New York!


It bit back!

You might remember I mentioned in the Belize post that I said I kicked some coral. Well this is what it looks like 10 days later. It’s itchy,red, and bumpy. Ew! ~k  



A few months ago Matt’s parents asked if we would like to go on a cruise in the Spring.  Of course we said yes and now we will be taking a family vacation to the Caribbean over my birthday!  Whoop whoop!  That is the one great thing about having a March birthday.  My birthday almost… Read More Cruising


Hello vacation

Sometimes you just need a long weekend away.  Matt and I are headed to the beach with some friends for a little r & r.  Now if we could just be there already. ~ k