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Mr. Picky Pants

Mr. Picky Pants

Matt and I have been on a coffee kick lately on weekend mornings.  We have about 3 mugs that hold 10+ oz and fit under the Kuerig so we decided we needed some bigger mugs.  When Matt first mentioned this, I told him I’d run to Home Goods or TJ Maxx and pick up a few new ones.  Well work has been crazy or it’s been cold and rainy so I haven’t run out at lunch to look.

Yesterday the weather was nice and we needed to run to the grocery store.  Matt asked if I wanted to grab lunch first so I said yes.  We headed to Briar Creek to Panera.  I told him we could run to Home Goods and TJ Maxx to get new mugs after we ate.  We get to TJ Maxx and I find a little wall of fun mugs and tell Matt to pick some out.  He is like “ummm I want a set.”  Ohhhhh!  Well okay then.  That is news to me.  We walk over to Home Goods because I figure they will have some sort of set.  We find some cute white ones but he doesn’t like these either.  Once we’ve completed our lap around the store I suggest we walk down to Pier 1.  Surely they will have something he likes.

Pier 1 had a much better selection and the prices weren’t much more than what we found at Home Goods.  We finally agreed on, wait for it……..plain white mugs! Honestly this works for me.  I’ve had visions of fun “fancy” mugs for a while and the white will let me do this.  I know there are paints and pens for ceramic that you can use and then bake into the mug.

Here are a few ideas I am currently loving.

diy mug cover DIY-Paint-Dipped-Mugs-The-Merrythought1 gold-mugs

I feel like either polka dots or the half painted ones will win out.  Of course they will all be gold.  I like the simple designs the best but there are tons of ideas if you image search diy mugs.  I’ll post pics once I add the finishing touches to ours!


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