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Yesterday was crazy busy and I was up to my eyes in emails until the minute I left.  Thankfully today at work has been pretty slow.  This has given me some free time and I’ve spent most of the afternoon browsing through my first blog.  That’s right folks, there was a blog before this one!  And to be honest, I think it was better.  For most of that blog, I was in the middle of wedding planning so there were lots of wedding planning posts.  There were also lots of rants too!  Nothing gets a girl worked up like wedding (and non wedding) related drama!

Anyway, so I started looking and I’ve been blogging for almost 5 years, 10-29-09? Um WOW!  That’s crazy.  What’s crazier is I still probably only have like 5 followers.  HAHA!  Blogging has never been about being the most popular blog on the web.  I’ll be the first to say just how boring I am but I do like to write (though again, I feel like my writing was better back then too!)  I was much better about blogging daily through the week on the old blog too.  Basically it was just better and I shared my boredom much more freely and often.  I might repost a few things from that blog in the coming weeks.  Unfortunately we weren’t able to move those posts when I started this blog.  I think it was more of our problem and not an actual limitation of the blog itself.  Regardless, it’s still fun to go back and read about the past.  Maybe I’ll try to step up my game on this blog in the coming weeks! 😉

Happy Friday!



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