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Nothing like bug bites and flip flops

This weekend was pretty busy and boring all in one.  Saturday night Matt and I went to dinner with a few friends.  We were sitting outside when out of no where it starts to sprinkling on us.  We looked up but there weren’t any clouds over head.  So that was odd.  Then yesterday we go to a pool party, a friend of Matt’s brother invited us to come.  So we are sitting beside the pool when this girl grabs our beach towel and lays it on the ground.  I look at Matt and say “is this really about to happen?”  He looks at me and goes, I think so.  We both watched in astonishment as she proceeds to change her baby ON OUR TOWEL!  Then she folds it and puts it back!  I mean who does that?  Needless to say the towel headed straight for the wash when we got home.

It also appears as though some new “vampire” bug bit me yesterday.  I noticed in the car I had something on my neck.  When I got home I had this….

Um, ew!  It doesn’t really itch but what the hell is it from?  I have no idea.  It actually creeps me out a little bit just looking at the pic.

When I got home today I noticed a package on the counter.  I had no idea what it could be at first, I mean I haven’t ordered anything since the wedding.  And I knew it wasn’t from our registry.  Then it hit me, FLIP FLOPS!!!  YAY!  I signed up for this month’s elfster on my wedding board.  I normally don’t do these things but I couldn’t pass up buying a cute pair for someone else.  And I was dying to see what I would get.

I got these….

They are super cute and as you can see Mr Julio wanted to try them on too.


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